How to Break In Pickleball Shoes?

On a pickleball court, stepping up the game with the right shoes can make a great difference in your performance. Nevertheless, the new pickleball shoes are difficult to wear in terms of performing on a great scale, thus leading to sore feet, uncomfortable movement, and frequent rests.

So, how to break in pickleball shoes properly? The best way to properly break in pickleball shoes, start by wearing them around the house to help them conform to the shape of your feet.

How to Break In Pickleball Shoes?

To ensure you perform at the peak of your Pickleball skills, here’s a guide on fitting in Pickleball shoes. You can easily break into the best outdoor shoes from gradual size to correct adjustments without hassle. So, with the right approach, you’ll be gliding effortlessly across the court in no time.

The term “Breaking In” refers to the adjustment & proper molding of these pickleball shoes according to the size of your feet. This process involves the usage of these shoes to extend time limits to support your foot shape & prevent injuries like blisters, cuts, and even minor bruises for the ultimate game of Pickleball.

Here, check out why Breaking in Terms matters a lot in the context of Pickleball.

  • Comfort: New Pickleball shoes are generally stiff. Thus, they require some time to open up for accurate gaming actions. This reduces the major pain effects of putting pressure on the toes & other fingers in these tight shoes.
  • Fit: A properly broken-in pair of pickleball shoes provides a snug fit that enhances stability and agility on the court. It ensures your feet are secure within the shoes, reducing the risk of slipping or injury.
  • Performance: These comfortable shoes allow ultimate 100% performance on the pitch. Their fast movement, pivot joint support, and quick reflexes allow players to be their best in the Pickleball courtyard.
  • Injury Prevention: Last but not least, a properly Braked shoe prevents all major injuries. This reduces the chances of getting blisters, cuts, and even Bruises. So, give them a quick try & check out their amazing capabilities.

Are you trying to get the best Pickleball shoes for women and men in 2023? Pickleball has gained huge fame over the past few years. Thus, it is now a part of both the Asian Games & Olympics. This is why the significance of wearing top-notch shoes in this sport has increased much to enhance proper movements & reduce pace quickly for breaking actions. 

Here, check out the main steps to easily pick these amazing & versatile outdoor sports shoes.

Pick The Right Size

What to look for in pickleball shoes? Choosing the right-sized shoes is the foundation of comfort & performance on any pitch. Therefore, picking the right size of shoes that can fit your feet is important to enhance lower body actions. Moreover, you should check these shoes by wearing the socks you would wear for your day game.

This would give you an idea of what size is perfect for Pickleball gaming actions. Ensure enough space for your toes to move within these shoes. As a result, it would provide enough area for foot gliding to prevent blisters. You must know that this is an important step before you try to choose or break in the indoor pickleball shoes.

Wear Them Around the House

Next, introduce these new shoes to the pickleball court gradually. Give them some time; this would ensure you about their quality, power, and efficiency. Therefore, try wearing them in your house or jogging with them around your block. Don’t try too hard if these shoes don’t fit on your feet; this would only ruin their inner quality.

However, if they do fit, let them take their time & mold into your foot shape. Once they are ready for action, introduce them to the courtyards. This would boost your gaming spirit and ensure how good these shoes are in pace, defense, and attack.

Using Thick Socks

Like the upper step, thick socks can also open up the pickleball shoes for easy foot movement. Moreover, they won’t allow the tight grip of these shoes to cause any wounds or blisters on your heels & ankles. These socks would also give a proper advantage in easily moving in such shoes in any courtyard.

Once you are satisfied with the overall performance of such shoes in thick socks, you can return to using your old thin socks. But, it is preferred to check out the quality of such socks to prevent all types of cuts & blisters while playing on a tough court using tight shoes.

Warm-Ups & Short Matches

Once your feet are comfortable in these shoes, start a gentle warm-up. Do some stretching, lifting, and running. Make your foot move within these shoes; flexing will stretch the pickleball shoes & they will open more internally & from the outer portion. 

Then, it is time for some short matches, as your opponents for warm-up short games. Try your best to put pressure on these shoes. Start by skidding, slipping, and braking frequently in these games to make them more flexible & ready for accurate actions quickly.

Check out For Hotspots & Increase Game Play

Check out all the odds you can count regarding these shoes in your gaming actions. Detect all major movements in these shoes & use different safety products to prevent all types of risks of wounds, cuts, and blisters.

When you are satisfied with your pickleball shoe performance, try to increase your gameplay time after each game. But don’t put too much pressure on these shoes; this would do no good other than damage their body & quality.

Care & Maintenance

Care and Maintenance TipsGeneral CareWet or Cold Weather Precautions
Clean Them After Every UseRemove dirt and debrisAvoid puddles and standing water
Store Them in a Cool, Dry PlacePrevent damage during storageWear moisture-wicking socks
Let Them Air Out Prevent odorsUse shoe covers or rain boots
Use a Shoe Tree  Maintain shoe shapeStore shoes in a dry, cool place
Don’t Leave Them in Direct SunlightAvoid UV damageAvoid direct sunlight exposure

Give Shoe Breaks & Use Alternatives

Ultimately, giving these pickleball shoes some rest after a month or 3 weeks is better. This prevents them from getting damaged by tearing apart or losing their quality. At this point, you can go for some alternatives. Make sure to have another pair of Pickleball shoes for the same gaming actions.

Can you wear tennis shoes for pickleball? Yes, as you give rest to these professional pickleball shoes, you can try on tennis shoes as well from brands like Sketchers or Nike. Moreover, it keeps you confident about your gaming kits. Once you are done with these shoes, give them a rest & play using the older ones again.

How to break in Pickleball shoes?

If your shoes start to break apart, you can purchase new shoes or repair the old ones in the best way possible. You can start by buying high-quality shoe insoles. If your shoes are made of leather, try polishing them as frequently as you can twice a month.

Moreover, you can check out the major points that must be avoided in keeping these pickleball shoes alive for years.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Overusage: One of the main reasons your shoes cannot survive is their overexertion. You are wearing them for long & extended games without keeping an eye on the damage they are taking. Thus, try using these shoes for short spans. This keeps them safe for a long time on different occasions.
  • Ignoring Discomfort: If you feel uncomfortable wearing these pickleball shoes, they are either too tight or not your size. This leads to their extra tearing of the corners. Thus leading to their rupture over time. So, choose the right size & wear it perfectly.
  • Skipping Indoor Wear: Not wearing your new shoes indoors first can make the outdoor breaking-in process longer and less comfortable. Indoor use allows controlled conditions to adapt to the shoe’s fit without the added strain of playing on a court.


How to Break In Pickleball Shoes? Well, in short using the right pickleball shoes can enhance your gaming experience by boosting your confidence & sports spirit. Checking for the right shoe size is the best step to ensure such shoes’ quality, performance, and features. Moreover, you can use them for warm-ups, gentle games, and short matches to learn more about them.

Plus, using these pickleball shoes, you can use thick socks to prevent wounds and cuts. Ultimately, you must care & maintain these shoes to prevent them from getting damaged. As mentioned above, you can give them rest & have a proper alternative. 

Moreover, you can check out how these shoes are the best choice according to your foot size, movements, and other likes on the Pickleball courtyard. This would save both your money & time on purchasing new shoes for gaming actions. So, give them a quick try for the perfect results.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do You Smash in Pickleball?

Position yourself under the ball. Use your non-dominant hand to point to where you want the ball to go. Get your dominant hand ready to make contact with the ball. Use your legs and core to create explosive power. Swing your dominant arm forward and upward at the same time, striking the ball with a downward angle for maximum force.

How To Properly Care For Your Pickleball Shoes?

Use a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt and debris from the uppers and soles. Store your shoes in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat, which can cause materials to break down and fade. Wearing the same shoes every day can cause them to wear out faster. Alternating between two or more pairs will extend their lifespan.

How Should a Pickleball Shoe Fit?

A Pickleball shoe should fit snugly but not too tight, with enough room to wiggle your toes. The heel should be secure and not slip out when moving. Ensure there’s about a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe for optimal comfort and movement.

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