What Shoes To Wear For Pickleball – Pickleball Shoes Guide

Pickleball is a sport that demands fast movements with quick reflexes on a smaller court with a solid paddle and a wiffle ball. This sport unlocks precise footwork to excel in the game & reduce the risk of injury. This can be done by wearing the right shoes made from premium materials in the Pickleball courtyard. But the question is what shoes to wear for pickleball?

The best pickleball shoes include cross-training shoes, Tennis shoes, & indoor badminton shoes for lateral foot movement. Furthermore, it’s essential to consider the shoe’s level of cushioning, especially if you have joint issues. Look for shoes with enough padding, shock absorption, and stability.

what shoes to wear for pickleball

Therefore, in this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn about the advantages & considerations regarding these versatile for better pickleball results. So, be sure to read thoroughly till the end of this blog.

Types of Shoes You Can Wear For Pickleball

When it comes to playing Pickleball, here are some of the best shoe options you must consider important. Moreover, all of them have the advantages that can make them the best in the business for accurate output results.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are similar to Pickleball shoes, designed for courtyard purposes. These shoes are well known for their immersion cushioning, durability, and flexing abilities that are suitable in all conditions for all types of players.

One con of using these shoes is their ability to leave marks on the pickleball courts. Their outdoor body doesn’t support quick reflexes. Therefore, the chances of slipping get higher while using them. However, they are still a good choice for users of all ages.

Cross-Training Shoes

These amazing cross-training pickleball shoes can be used for nearly all indoor & outdoor gaming activities. They are designed with modern features with their versatile flexing ability to prevent all sorts of major & minor injuries while playing sports. Their good stability makes them a top contender on the list of the best shoes to wear for Pickleball.

You must look for designs with no outer soles. Moreover, they must be designed in such a way to support lateral foot movement both in & out of the shoes. So, give them a try & check out what amazing features they provide to the users.

Running Shoes

Running shoes offer cushioning and comfort, which can be advantageous for long matches. They are designed in proper safety measurement-based ways to protect players at all costs. This is why they have a great significance on professional levels. Moreover, If you already have a pair of running shoes, they may suffice for casual pickleball play.

Nevertheless, Running shoes are not specifically designed for court sports so they may lack the lateral support and stability required for pickleball. Moreover, If you wear running shoes, be cautious during quick lateral movements. But, still, these shoes are an amazing choice for all users.

Badminton Shoes

Badminton shoes are also well-designed for Pickleball sporting actions. Their features allow lateral movements to pickleball on the courtyard for accurate results. Their soles allow good grips on indoor mats as well as tiles. This is the best feature these shoes provide, making them a top choice.

Moreover, badminton shoes can be suitable; they offer the necessary support and cushioning for pickleball-specific demands. They might be expensive in terms of their modern features & fantastic functions according to modern demands.

Indoor Court Shoes

Indoor Court shoes are designed for sports like Volleyball & squash to provide a perfect grip & stability. These shoes measure safety & precision on each & every step of these games, which supports efficiency in quick breaking & reflexes actions.

Thus, Check for non-marking outsoles and ensure adequate support for lateral movements. These amazing shoes allow proper support on all major steps. Plus, these shoes can be a good choice for indoor pickleball courts. So, try them & have the best gaming experience in the Pickleball Courtyard.

Pickleball-Specific Shoes

These amazing & versatile pickleball shoes are made for Pickleball gaming purposes by providing tailored features fulfilling all player needs. They are well-designed to ensure the safety of pivot joints with their lateral support & non-marketing outsoles. This allows them to offer their premium performance & defensive leadership in the courtyard.

These pickleball-specific shoes might be expensive in terms of their top-class features & well-made designs. Therefore, investing in them may be different, but it does pay pretty well, so you should give them a quick try.

Meanwhile, check out the types you can pick these shoes from. All of them are stated below, along with their pros, cons, and descriptions.

Type of Pickleball-Specific ShoesDescriptionAdvantagesConsiderations
Indoor Court Pickleball ShoesDesigned for indoor play on gymnasium-type floors✓ Excellent grip on indoor surfaces✗ May not be suitable for outdoor play
Outdoor Court Pickleball ShoesBuilt to withstand outdoor court surfaces✓ Durable outsoles for outdoor play✗ May not provide as much cushioning as indoor shoes
All-Surface Pickleball ShoesVersatile shoes designed for various court types✓ Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play✗ May not excel in specific court conditions
Lightweight Pickleball ShoesEmphasize agility and speed✓ Ideal for players who prioritize quick movements✗ May have less ankle support
Cushioned Pickleball ShoesFocus on comfort and impact absorption✓ Great for reducing strain on joints✗ May be slightly heavier than lightweight shoes
Supportive Pickleball ShoesOffer extra stability and lateral support✓ Reduce the risk of ankle injuries✗ Can be slightly bulkier and less agile
Types of Shoes You Can Wear For Pickleball

How to Select The Best Shoes for Pickleball – Features to Look For?

What shoes to use or wear for indoor Pickleball? To select the best footwear for sports like Pickleball, here are some key features you must remember for buying the best products.

Shoe Type

Choose the best shoe type available on the market. Try going for court-specific shoes, as they support all indoor & outdoor gaming activities. Moreover, they enhance your overall performance with the right traction & support needed for the game.

Fit & Size

Proper size ensures the best quality gaming experience on any pitch. This makes them the best shoes in 2024. Therefore, for Pickleball, quick movements & accurate reflexes are way better if you have the right size & fit for your shoes.

Shoe Materials

Whether you like it or not, your old-age joggers can never match the levels of the premium gaming experience as compared to the new technical shoes. As they are made from high quality breathable & durable components. This allows a proper ventilation process & allows you to play for extended time limits without any hesitation.


Using soft cushions as a mid-layer in these shoes absorbs major shocks & sudden impacts while playing Pickleball for a new balance in such soles. Moreover, they also prevent injuries & keep you fit for the tournament.

Sole Design

The outsole should provide excellent grip on various court surfaces, including hard or indoor ones. A non-marking sole is essential to avoid leaving scuff marks.


Try choosing Lightweight designs for the shoes. This easy weight allows fast movements & keeps your feet free to move. Moreover, this feature mainly comes into action regarding quick-breaking actions for skidding on the pitch.

Toe Protection

One of the best features of these modern-day Nike, Sketchers, or ASICs Pickleball shoes is their toe projections. Their frontal regions contain cushion pads that keep the pressure off your toes & keep their blood flow suitable for actions.

Design and Shape

The shoe should promote stability and flexibility, with a low-to-the-ground profile for better court feel and balance.

Comfort Features

This feature also matters a lot. Thus, Look for padded collars, cushioned insoles, and moisture-wicking linings to enhance overall comfort.

Brand Power

 Last but not least, we know that Branded shoes are way better than local shoes. Therefore, you must go for Brands like Adidas and Puma to purchase the best quality Pickleball shoes.

Are Pickleball Shoes the Same as Tennis Shoes?

Yes, Pickleball shoes are very similar to Tennis shoes when it comes to playing in a regular courtyard of both indoor & outdoor games. Both shoes are pretty versatile regarding fast reflexes on the pitch for lateral movements.

Moreover, for women, the choices might be versatile. They have multiple options to choose from in terms of designs compared to men. However, the quality of the shoes is similar to that of Tennis shoes.


Regarding what shoes to wear for pickleball for men or women, I hope now you have an idea of how to choose and decide what to wear. Starting from Pickleball shoes, these versatile products allow proper gripping actions for accurate output results. Moreover, on the same list, you can also count on Tennis and badminton shoes.

They both are well-designed for all outdoor & indoor gaming purposes. Plus, you also have other versatile options on this list, like cross-training shoes and the ultimate running shoes that are the top-notch choice on professional levels.

In the end, you can also count on indoor shoes for the best choice. So, be sure to give them a quick try for accurate actions. Try reading more about these shoes, their brands, and their features; it would give you the best choice to end things perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Shoes to Wear for Women in a Pickleball Match?

Pickleball requires a lot of quick side-to-side movements, diagonal runs, and sudden stops. Thus, shoes that provide lateral support, stability, and cushioning are essential. Try to wear pickleball or tennis shoes that are specifically designed for the game, with features that cater to your movements and needs. 

Do You Need Special Shoes for Pickleball?

While it is possible to wear any type of shoes while playing pickleball, it is highly recommended to wear shoes specifically designed for the game. Ordinary shoes, especially those with thick soles, may cause an ankle roll or loss of balance when you make quick movements. 

How to Choose Your Next Pickleball Shoes?

While choosing the ideal pickleball shoes it’s crucial to consider factors such as comfort, support, cushioning, grip, and durability. Consider the type of court you’ll be playing on, whether indoor or outdoor. Additionally, consider your foot’s shape and look for shoes that fit well, with ample support around the arch and heel. 

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